SACRED Journey
Travelling Exhibit
The Sacred Journey Exhibit immerses the audience into the world of Indigenous canoe culture of the Pacific Northwest Coast. Almost lost, the ocean-going canoe has seen a remarkable resurgence over the last three decades. Today, the coast-wide tribal canoe journeys are a catalyst in Indigenous cultural revitalization and means for community healing and youth empowerment. Told by leaders and participants of today’s canoe resurgence, for the first time, the Sacred Journey Exhibit unveils this amazing story through the Indigenous framework of Nuyum (stories) expressed through metaphoric art, immersive audio, and extensive video displays, interactive experiences, and live presentations.  
Immerse yourself into the ancient canoe culture, witness the many life-changing experiences that youth have gained along the Pacific Northwest Coast through the transformative power of the ocean-going canoe. 

Coming Fall 2020
Curriculum Development
Education and training is key to social transformation and change. Within the Sacred Journey Initiative we plan on developing Indigenous place-based education curriculum about the significance of the ocean-going canoe and maritime Indigenous culture for K to 12 and post-secondary students. Through this effort in education and cross-cultural awareness we hope to advance reconciliation within society. It will be delivered in conjunction with the touring of the travelling exhibit, but will also be available independently.